Hubert Ogunde Memorial School awarded a Guinness World Record

In this update, we share the story of Hubert Ogunde Memorial School.

Hubert Ogunde Memorial School is a leading Montessori school situated in the heart of Akute, in Ogun State.


Hubert Ogunde Memorial School is often referred to as HUBOG locally.

The school was founded by the daughter of Hubert Ogunde, Abosede Oloyede, in 1995.

The school is named after the great Nigerian actor, poet, educator, activist and playwright – Dr Hubert Adedeji Ogunde.

The school is famed for its ingenious and creative blend of contemporary methods and technology.

Hubert Ogunde Memorial School was the first school in Akute to start remote learning during the lockdown.

Guinness World Record

In February of 2021, HUBOG joined other institutions in Nigeria, such as Scholars’ Crest School and Broadway Junior School, to execute Safer Internet Day thereby contributing to a new Guinness World Record. 

The campaign was championed by Safer Internet Day (UK) and the certificate awarded for “Most Safety Pledges For An Internet Safety Campaign in 24hrs”.

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