John Adewole is Inaugurated Platinum Patron of The Nigerian Red Cross Society

The Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS) on Saturday 15th January 2021 appointed the DNG founder, Mr. John A. Adewole, along with four others as Platinum Patrons.

The Investiture ceremony which took place at the NRCS Headquarters, Lagos was graced with dignitaries such as the Chairperson, Mrs.  Adebola Kolawole and her team.

Mr. John who has always believed and lived a life of service to humanity through his years in the United Kingdom, received this with great delight and honor for more service stretched across continents especially, back at his place of origin – Nigeria.

In 2020, just before the pandemic struck, he was in Nigeria, Africa on a digital championship tour to raise the campaign for a more digital society – bridging the digital divide. During the lockdown declared by the government of Nigeria to prevent the spread of the virus (COVID-19) which included schools and some other sectors of the Nigerian economy, Mr. John enthusiastically began to support schools to teach their students via digital platforms.

The Nigerian teachers who were opportune to participate in this raised the bar of e-learning by swiftly becoming digital champions who could keep up the teaching-learning process for their school. The result was remarkable.

Back in the United Kingdom, Mr. John continued his bridging the digital divide campaign with Good Things Foundation’s through the UK’s Online Centres Network to distribute free Tablets and data to vulnerable people and communities in England and Wales.

A young girl receives a tablet for remote learning in Southwark, London.

Mr. John who is a firm believer in creating equal opportunities for everyone especially the vulnerable spoke on the day of the investiture ceremony about contributions he is willing to make so as to support and partner with the NRCS in actualizing its goals.

At DNG, we believe this is just the starting point for our leader, Mr. John A. Adewole and we also take this opportunity to say, A Big Congratulations once again. We know this is not just a title but a responsibility you are not afraid to take on because you believe this is your mandate.

Congratulations Sir!!!


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