Is Nigeria the number 1 digital nation in West Africa?

Nigeria is leading the way to become the first Digital Nation in Africa and Nigeria significantly increased the gap when it became the first African nation to launch and activate its own national digital currency, the eNaira, on the 25th of October 2021.

The innovation was warmly welcomed by the majority and according to Bloomberg, as of November 2021, 488 000 consumer wallets had been downloaded with customer transactions reaching a value of N62 million.

Some states in Nigeria have followed the brilliant leadership manifested by President Buhari’s office in this department. In Lagos state, Governor Sanwo Olu’s office has followed suit with programmes such as Eko Excel focusing on digital inclusion for teachers and more recently, the Lagos Smart City Programme.

However, some questions surfed through my mind as I celebrated the excellent leadership and the corresponding innovation.

1. Is Nigeria or Lagos State ready for a smart city?

2. Considering the state of power supply and lack of reliable and concrete broadband and supporting infrastructures, will a smart city work for the population?

3. What about the tech or digital literacy of the population?

This is why I have prepared the following nine (9) recommendations for the best outcome to ensure that Nigeria continues to lead Africa in digital inclusion.

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