Is Nigeria the number 1 digital nation in West Africa?

Nigeria is leading the way to become the first Digital Nation in Africa and Nigeria significantly increased the gap when it became the first African nation to launch and activate its own national digital currency, the eNaira, on the 25th of October 2021. The innovation was warmly welcomed by the majority and according to Bloomberg,Continue reading “Is Nigeria the number 1 digital nation in West Africa?”

Digital Inclusion: 9 recommendations for impact in Lagos State and Nigeria

Digital is changing our lives, our jobs, how we run our businesses, manage our health, manage our work, lifelong learning and how we manage our money. This means that having the digital skills, motive, spaces, provisions, technology infrastructures, leadership and the confidence to navigate the digital world is becoming essential for life, education and forContinue reading “Digital Inclusion: 9 recommendations for impact in Lagos State and Nigeria”

10 benefits of volunteering

When presented with volunteering opportunities, I have found that youths are often put off by the thought of a construct that involves “work without wage or reward”. Well, this is not actually the reality and volunteering is an essential and concrete way to give back to one’s community and the society at large. Volunteering isContinue reading “10 benefits of volunteering”

Scholars’ Crest International School awarded a Guinness World Record & British IS Award

As we often say here at Digital Nation, Scholar’s Crest International School is simply the best school in Lagos State that you have never heard of.

6 lessons that educators can take away from the Pandemic

COVID-19 has put new demands on the triple bottom line, and there is no one manual or exit for and from the current situation. Though we currently experience a partial lockdown, the unpredictability of the pandemic is real, and the restrictions on social and physical interaction remain in place. COVID-19 did not only disrupt learningContinue reading “6 lessons that educators can take away from the Pandemic”

Simple tips for parents and guardians of young gamers

The New York Times published a pretty bleak look at what quarantine induced screen/gaming time is theoretically doing to kids in January of 2020. But this is not a new topic or issue. Silent movies were said to provoke crime. Violent TV and, later, violent video games said to cause violent crimes. War games have been said to cause mass-shootings. In fairness,Continue reading “Simple tips for parents and guardians of young gamers”

Our top cybersecurity risk predictions for 2022 and beyond

As the end of 2020 draws closer, it is imperative for both organizations and individuals alike to reflect and gear up for cybersecurity and cybercrime in the new decade. Organizations and individuals should consider new and innovative approaches, but most importantly, a pro-active and deliberate approach that’s deliberately directed to identify, capture and neutralize threatsContinue reading “Our top cybersecurity risk predictions for 2022 and beyond”