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Role Plays

Nigerian Red Cross

Take learning outdoor and to the next level with our disaster and accident recovery, first aid roleplays.


HTML. CSS. Python.

It’s never too early or late to start learning how to code. Explore our coding classes for adults, young people and children. The sessions are delivered by world-class instructors with extensive industry experience.

First Aid

+ Certification

Explore the different ways to learn first aid with free online resources from The British Red Cross or request physical and face-to-face training at your organisation or institution.

EDS For Work

Essential Digital Skills

The Essential Digital Skills Framework reflects the range of skills people need to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world of today and tomorrow, in life and at work.


Play Transformed

Gamification enhances systems, services, organizations, and activities by creating similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage learners and the workforce.

Guest Visits

Hire a Speaker

Our speakers can connect with many different types of audiences and they cover a wide range of topics including business, education, leadership, volunteering, entrepreneurship, positive thinking, confidence, goals, hard work, never giving up, and more.

“Together, we will achieve more”

Furuter proof your organisation today.